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DRL light modified for Hyundai Creta in coimbatore DRL light modified for Hyundai Creta with unique designs for better power and good look
Contessa seat covers installed in coimbatore The Rm cardecors Contessa seat covers installed in contessa coimbatore. this seat cover is designed with fully pure leather for a better look and unique design for amazing looks
Alloy wheel changed for Maruthi Suzuki Ritz in coimbatore The RM cardecors Alloy wheel for Maruthi Suzuki Ritz. its unique design makes your eye pop out.
Installed LED fog lights and DRL lights for Maruthi Suzuki Swift in coimbatore The Rm cardecors LED fog light and DRL lighjt installed in Maruthi Suzuki Swift. these both combined together give you adorable look and its unique design blows your mind
Installed audio systems in Hyundai Creta Audio upgradation in Hyundai Creta in coimbator Rm car decors Focal k2 power speakers in front this speaker gives you a various and unique sound effect that drives you to listen on the go Pioneer touch system this has a navigation map and has car stereos android users can now enjoy smartphones navigation messaging music and much more on the compatible Dls oval speaker are often the easiest way to upgrade the sound in your vehicle. the speakers are available in sizes from 4 up to 8 Dls mono amplifier these amplifiers are designed for one purpose running one or more subwoofers they have a single mono channel built in filters and are often designed to handle loads down Alloy wheels Vebasto sunroof Llumar sunfilms
hyundai eon modified at Rm cardecors Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Interior lighting seat cover designed with unique design front dash board light alteration front left and right installed tweter in post with light stinger alloy wheel rear speaker focal infinity 4ch amplifier kicker subwoofer vebasto sunroof this comes with thick glass with heat resistance and with 2 years warranty
Kenwood system installed for Hyundai i20 in coimbatore Kenwood system installed for Hyundai i20 for a better high quality sound and for a better navigation and its uniquely designed for a good look. so that it gives you a better feel when you play songs or even videos. it comes with full touch and left side volume buttons so that its more easier to operate when you are on ride
Alloy wheel changed for Maruthi suzuki ritz in coimbatore The rm cardecors Alloy wheel for Maruthi suzuki ritz 14inch. this gives you a gorgeous look on the go. this is uniquely designed and its metalic colour matches for any colour of your body vehicle
installed audio systems in swift audio up gradation in swift Coimbatore Tamilnadu at Rm cardecors Alpin system this car audio system share in common seamless hookups for portable digital devices to access more of your favorite entertainment in a wider variety of your favorite entertainment in a wider variety of media formats just bring along a pocket sized player plug into your system and rock your world break every barrier that ever kept you from enjoying your music as you like with such sensational command within easy reach theres no limit to how far you can go Focal access 3 way component speakers perfect sound discreet style premium construction these are the standards that define focal these are definitely entry level speakers but good bang for the buck the tweeter is very bright but can be attenuated as in all things car audio install is everything mine are powered by a RFT400X 4ad amp and that is plenty of power these speaker can sound better and as they break in mids and bass are decent but a subwoofer is definitely needed to compliment this system Focal k2 power component speakers these speaker is for those seeking the highest quality of music in their vehicle it includes an aramid fiber inverted dome tweeter that delivers astonishingly broad invaded dome tweeter that delivers realistic tones Focal 4ch amplifier you're very passionate about your beautiful powerful car and its important for you to give it a strong personality with their assertive ultra technical design the performance car audio kits will give your car a unique live touch Focal sub woofer the sub woofer is an essential components of a system focals sub woofer gives scale and depth to your multi channel audio visuals experience it gives it the intensity the seventh art deserves our various models meet all the requirements in terms of performance features and discretion