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'door pads'
Door pad altered and installed tweeter in Fortuner door pads altered 4 door pads altered door pads altered with art leather
Installed audio systems in Swift audio upgradation in Swift, jvc touch system with Bluetooth, front speaker focal component, rear speaker rockfordfosgate oval, focal 4ch amplifier, dls subwoofer, interior seat cover, 4 door pads altered, 4 door pads lighting, dicky lighting, top roof lighting with multiple colours, alloy wheel, spring buffer this spring buffer is used to install inside the suspension weel so that you will get a smoother drive, and your height of the car increases 1inch hight audio systems installed in coimbatore, audio upgradation in coimbatore audio system installation in coimbatore modified and customised swift at coimbatore
Audio upgradation in Innova at Rm cardecors Coimbatore Tamil Nadu seat cover installation pioneer system installation Front component speakers rear component speakers dls 4ch amplifier Focal subwoofer unique designed tail lamp front dhoom Hid kit white version osram Front bumper rear bumper 4 door pads alteration front sunfilm hella fog lamp
Installed high quality seat cover in innova crysta audio installation in innova crysta at coimbatore gear boot altered, steering cover, door pads altered, arm rest, dash board light, front windshield 3m sunfilm, focal 4ch amplifier, mtx subwoofer
installed hot top in Thar at coimbatore rm cardecors modified seat covers, dash board, door pads, front bumper, wheel arch, audio systems, jvc system, rockfordfosgate oval speaker, seat cover alteration, hella fog lamps, head light power up, sunfilms,
Modified interior dash board seat covers in Duster at Rm cardecors in Tamil Nadu interior modified in duster, art leather seat covers, steering cover, four door pads altered, audio upgradation, best car speakers installed, pioneer system with android play, top roof altered, front focal k2 power component speakers installed, rear morel component speakers installed, momo alloy wheels, front dash cam, fitted spring buffer for a smooth ride, gear nob altered, pvc floor mat, dash board light, interior lighting, top roof lighting, blaupunkt 2ch amplifier, kicker subwoofer,
Installed audio systems in Ambassador audio system upgradation in coimbatore audio installation in coimbatore seat cover modified and installed in ambassador dash board modified gear nob changed steering cover changed installed front speakers and rear speakers installed 2ch amplifier and blaupunkt subwoofer 4 door pads altered
Fortuner modified and customised at Rm cardecors coimbatore interior altered, seat cover, audio system, blueray player, front speaker focal k2 power, rear speaker morel component, dickey surround speaker, top roof lighting, door pads altered, mid speaker, alpine system, dash cam, alloy wheels, rear tail lights, head light.
Hyundai Eon modified and customized body parts at Rm cardcors coimbatore Tamil Nadu front bumper modified, seat cover altered, installed high quality seat cover, installed momo alloy wheels, drl fog lamp, head light modified with unique design drl light inside, 4 door pads altered, audio system upgradation, Llumar sunfilm, art leather seat cover installed, body stickering, front bumper mesh modified, interior lighting, installed vebasto automatic sunroof, front grill customized and modified at coimbatore, tail lamp smoke, side indicator light smoke, mirror chrome, handle chrome, spring buffer this is actually used to get more smoothness while on the drive and installing this your car will get 1 inch height,