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Installed audio systems in Innova crysta Audio installation in Innova crysta in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu at Rm cardecors Alpine system this system requires compile time configuration in most cases the compile in preferences will suit users and administrators just fine when running alpine on a unix system the default built in configuration can be changed by setting variables in the system configuration files this system also use personal user based configure files all of these configures files other than fixed system may optionally be remote configuration files Hertz 3way component speakers the best sound in the smallest possible space this hertz is a three way component speakers comprising four components crossover creating a combination of high performance hi tech products excellent frequency response high level of installation friendliness even with oem placements comprise and contain the whole sound philosophy of energy pure energy for listening pleasure Focal component speakers this speaker performance line innovative and dynamic will give you thrills this advance technology line provides powerful and true to life experience live music in all of its dimensions innovations is key to the focal sound through the constant pursuit of new advances in technology it has partial loading tweeter high sensitivity and adjustable tweeter levels Rockford 4ch amplifier its capable of running 2 ohms stereo on all channels and 4ohms bridge mono on the rear channels includes on board punch bass and front and rear crossover controls Rockfordfosgate sub woofer this subwoofer has continually impressed with the increasing build quality of rockford products other companies just turn to garbage over the life span of a product but rockfordfosgate continues to up the bar all around
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