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Installed audio systems in Maruthi Suzuki Baleno Audio installation in Maruthi Suzuki Baleno Kenwood system this system has an app that makes it easier to use google apps such as google maps google play music your phones dialer etc you can get the android auto app on google play android auto is available with android phones running 5.0 lollipop or higher Focal k2 power component speakers the iconic yellow cone of the k2 power line is legendary delivering dynamic and powerful sound it exalts the driving experience of sports car drivers and thrill seekers its unmistakable yellow cone arouses new feelings this has the intense style that push back the limits of performance with this extraordinary car and damping delivers unrivaled intensity and the impressive amount of energy from the bass will blow you away and has harmonic balance packed with technology the M shaped aramid fiber invaded done tweeter for extreme treble combined with the push pull motor which extends the low end of the frequency response it promises extraordinary harmonic balance Polk audio speakers this speaker allows you to enjoy rich detailed audio for car and music the way its meant to be heared minus the letdown inherent in low quality lesser than speakers explore the wonder of real american hifi at its finest and believe in great sound at an unreal price because life sounds better when polks at the heart of every listen
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