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Installed audio systems in Celerio Audio upgradation in Celerio Coimbatore Tamilnadu at Rm car decors Kenwood system this takes the things you want to do with your iphone while driving and puts them right on the series screen you can get directions make calls and listen to music all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road just plug in car play is compatible Focal access component speakers perfect sound discreet style premium construction these are the standards that define focal this speaker allows you to experience the best in sound with a guilt free conscience the aluminium inverted dome shape does a better job of dispersing high frequencies them a traditional raised dome tweeter creating a very wide soundstage with fine resolution and exciting dynamics enhance stereo imagine by installing these tweeters exactly where you need them with included flush mount hardware Auditor component speakers this speaker is pretty solid part of speakers on its own its probably considered to be the best of focals integration line of speakers additionally the separate integration component system features Blaupunkt 2ch amplifier this amplifier pushes out 75 watts rms per channel to your speakers or can be bridged to drive 190 watts rms into one subwoofer this efficient amplifier draws considerably less power than conventional amps and automatic circuitry eliminates the need for a remote turn on head a direct auxiliary input lets you plug in your mp3 player or navigation device Auditor subwoofer with this subwoofer you get a sound experience with an extra dimension you can feel all the way to your spine the subwoofer are available in three series performance reference and ultimate this aditor subwoofer Llumar sunfilm Front bumper mesh modified
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